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Starting in 2010, Nissan began focusing on reducing carbon dioxide emissions from its vehicles under the twin badges of 'Zero Emission Mobility' and 'PURE DRIVE.' While 'Zero Emission' refers to electric vehicles with no carbon dioxide output at all, 'PURE DRIVE' is about achieving optimum fuel efficiency by incorporating environmental technologies from clean diesel to hybrid technology into the traditional internal combustion engine.

Unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2010, Ellure was Nissan's reimagining of the traditional sedan. Designed to turn the traditional four-seater passenger car from something bland and functional into something attractive and exotic, the styling is an expression of the company's new sedan design language. Note that the Ellure has a hybrid powertrain, bringing it into the 'PURE DRIVE' camp.

The vehicle was crafted to appeal to the emotions. The flowing, curvaceous body; the subtle interplay of light and shadow at the vehicle's edges; the streamlined forms of the interior; cabin lighting that creates different moods for night and day--the overall effect was of sophistication and unconventionality.

Creative Response
The brief was to develop a name for the target demographic: 'women in their 30s and 40s with a sense of sophistication and rebellion.'

Bravis created the new name by combining 'Elle' 'meaning 'she' in French) with 'Allure' (to evoke the emotional appeal of the car). The feminine and sophisticated-sounding name even contrives to have a hint of the magical. 'This is an extraordinary vehicle which will cast its spell upon you,' the name seems to say.

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