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Nong Shim (Korea)

Nonshin is Korea's top manufacturer of instant noodles, or 'cup rahmen' in Japanese. Its Japanese subsidiary, Nonshin Japan, was going to launch a new line of noodles, 'Uma-Rahmen,' after its worldwide hit, 'Kara-Rahmen' (Spicy Noodles).

Nonshin selected Bravis for both the naming and design of the new product. The name is simple and descriptive―arrestingly so for the Japanese market―and communicates the concept of delicious noodles (which is the literal meaning of Uma-Rahmen) with maximum directness.

The descriptor 'Korea's No.1 Instant Noodle Maker' is placed beside the company name to make clear the high status Nonshin enjoys in its home market, despite being relatively little known in Japan. Since the packaging of Nonshin's successful Kara-Rahmen had used a fiery red color, the company tended to deploy this element in the design of its other products, resulting in the impression that they were hot and spicy even when they were not.

Bravis therefore introduced a strategy of color differentiation, with red for spicy flavors and other colors for non-spicy ones. In order to introduce a family look for the two brands, the character Uma was turned into a design element like the 'Kara' on the spicy noodles. At present Kimuchi noodles are for sale under the Uma-Rahmen brand with other flavors due for release soon.

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