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Komutan Harusame1

Komutan Harusame

Nong Shim (Korea)

Korea's No.1 manufacturer of dry noodles Nong Shim has a subsidiary in Japan called Noshin Japan. In addition to its core dry noodles, the company has launched Komutan Harusame and Korean Komutan Harusame with Seaweed & Sesame. (Harusame, by the way, are transparent noodles made from potato or mung bean starch.) Both of these healthy seafood dishes boast a low calorie count--78 Kcal and 108 Kcal respectively--and high levels of collagen.

Bravis designed the packaging for both brands. Mindful that the target audience was health conscious young women, the calorie count and ingredients are displayed prominently. At the same time as promoting the product benefits, care was also taken to give the packages a distinctly Korean feel. Both products are selling briskly.

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