• Fururu Reimen1
Fururu Reimen1

Fururu Reimen

Nong Shim (Korea)

Noshin is a Korean food company, with a particular strength in instant noodles. Fururu Reimen is a reworking for the Japanese market of a cold noodle product that is already a hit in the company's domestic Korean market. (In the summer time, noodles are eaten cold in Korea and Japan.) The product needed a new name and a new package for its Japan debut.

The 'fururu' part of the name evokes the slithery sound and texture of the noodles. The handwritten text used for the logo also has the flowing, squiggly shapes of the noodles themselves and suggests their cool smooth mouth-feel. The photograph shows the noodles in a golden dish to symbolize the status of this traditional recipe that actually originated in the Korean royal court.

- Package Design
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- Uma Ramen
- Komutan Harusame
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- Samgyetan Harusame
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