• Kanmenkiko Kamujatan Noodles1
Kanmenkiko Kamujatan Noodles1

Kanmenkiko Kamujatan Noodles

Nong Shim (Korea)

Nong Shim's Kanmenkiko ('Korean Noodle Adventure') is an instant noodle series that offers an easy way in to authentic Korean cuisine. Kamujatan Noodles was the first flavor to be launched.

The rhomboid Kanmenkiko logo includes curlicues of cloud to suggest a magical journey through the world of Korean cuisine. The lid includes a Polaroid-type snapshot of Kamujatan noodles to trigger associations of restaurant reviews and foodie blogs. The dish itself is presented in an imposingly large photograph to vividly evoke the delicious taste of piping hot Kamujatan.

- Package Design
Nong Shim (Korea) Other Project
- Uma Ramen
- Komutan Harusame
- Korean Ramen Noodles
- Fururu Reimen
- Noguri
- Shin Ramen Kimchi
- Samgyetan Harusame
- Kanmenkiko Kamujatan Noodles

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