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A Bridge Brand This life-size feline robot developed by Omron was an engineering tour de force, but the aim was not so much to showcase the company's technical wizardry as to create a robot that could understand and communicate with its owner, just like a real pet. The cat-robot even had synthetic fur and natural responses based upon sensors and actuators to reinforce the sense that it was not a machine, but a pet with its own character. Omron assigned Bravis the task of creating a brand name that would express the uniqueness of this cyber-pet.

Creative Response Bravis developed a number of naming candidates based on Japanese, on English and on a mixture of the two languages. 'NeCoRo', the final selection, is a playful-sounding name created by combining the Japanese word for cat (Neko) with the first syllable of robot. The name can also be interpreted as a compression of the English phrase 'New Communication Robot', and thus emphasizes the capacity for emotional interaction which distinguishes NeCoRo from other robots.

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