A Brand with Legs
Pip is a wellness company that specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of healthcare, baby and maternity products. It is committed to helping customers enjoy a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle.

SLIMWALK is a brand of compression hosiery stockings and socks created for hardworking women who want relief from everyday fatigue and better-looking legs. Pip wanted to invigorate the brand and boost its recognition level. Bravis conducted extensive market research and analysis before embarking on a redesign.

Creative Response
By adopting a standard format built around the SLIMWALK logo against a red background, we created a consistent look across the whole product range that resulted in a stronger presence and increased visibility on the store shelf. We also included photographs to communicate the properties of the specific garments as clearly as possible.

For the leggings, for example, the pose of the model emphasizes their body-shaping effect; for the socks, the layout highlights the area from the knees down; meanwhile for the tights, use of a graded orange at the base of the package and the styling of the model makes clear that the tights are warm and snug during the cold winter months.

The packages for the tights and the leggings even feature a hologram for colorful and eye-catching in-store impact.

- Package Design
Pip Other Project
- Kutsurogijikan no SLIMWALK Hajikeru Gel

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