• Kutsurogijikan no SLIMWALK Hajikeru Gel 1
Kutsurogijikan no SLIMWALK Hajikeru Gel 1

Kutsurogijikan no SLIMWALK Hajikeru Gel


SLIMWALK is primarily a brand of compression hosiery stockings and socks. It was created for women who want two things: relief from everyday fatigue, and shapelier legs.

The expanding series of products breaks into three main groups: (1) stockings and socks that reduce fatigue and swelling and are worn when one goes out (2) stockings and socks with the same benefits that are worn in bed at night, and (3) a new category of intensive care products for the relaxing time between getting back home and going to bed.

This effervescent gel for massaging tired legs was the first product launch in this new third category. As there is a welter of products competing for the attention of the female audience at this particular time slot, explaining clearly what the product stood for and how it should be used was crucial.

To express the new time-targeted concept, we extended the original SLIMWALK name to something that roughly translates as 'SLIMWALK for When I'm Able to Take it Easy.' We also featured a large photograph of a woman applying the gel to her legs and added catch copy with expressive, onomatopoeic words.

The overall package communicate the product in a direct and easy-to-understand way.

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