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Big in Japan
It may be a minor product outside Asia, but in Japan the market for can coffee is worth billions of dollars with everyone from truck drivers to businessmen getting their caffeine fix this way. One of the best-loved icons in Japan's canned coffee market is Pokka Coffee Original. Based around an illustration of a man's face and commonly referred to as the 'face can' by consumers, Pokka Coffee Original is one of Pokka's core products and the flagship brand in its coffee line-up. But with the brand having been launched 35 years ago, time had taken its toll. Though still selling well to its solid, loyal base of repeat-use consumers, Pokka Coffee Original was in a gradual but splendid decline and unable to evolve a new set of values for a new time. Pokka turned to Bravis for a renewal of the brand.

Creative Response
To revitalize the Pokka Coffee Original brand, Bravis decided to create a new brand image while retaining the key brand equities. The renewed package incorporates the same brown and white used on the original package while using coffee beans for the background motif. The famous and much loved face motif that made the original design so distinct was also retained but recast as an emblem to serve as a visual assurance of quality while also connecting with the forty-year-old males who form the core audience for the product. Pokka Corporation launched an ad blitz to support the first change to this iconic package in its successful 35-year history.

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