• - Core value development
  • - Logo development for anniversary
  • - Slogan development for anniversary
  • - Package design development

A long-term brand that continues to move forward

All Raisin,” one of Japan’s longest-selling brands, was created in 1972 and will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022. Bravis was in charge of the development of the core values, package design, anniversary copy, and anniversary logo.

The first step in starting the project was to dig deeper into the brand DNA, including the brand’s founding story and cherished commitment to the brand. Through past documents and interviews with related parties, we discovered the unchanging values of the All brand. We also rethought what All Raisin means to consumers and incorporated these into our core values.

After that, we held discussions to determine the direction of the project, and at the same time, developed the package design. The grapes were drawn larger than in the previous package to express the product’s characteristic of having raisins crammed into each sheet.

The color of the grapes has also been brightened to express freshness, enhancing the sense of deliciousness, and the design conveys the brand’s commitment at a glance. In addition, the “All RAISIN” logo, which used to be gold, has been changed to a warmer, more detailed expression that is not straight lines, and the white color used when the product was first launched has been adopted. By returning to the starting point of the All brand, the intention is to reiterate the values and sentiments that this brand has delivered.

The 50th anniversary logo in the upper right corner of the package combines the shape of the product and grapes to form a “50” to clearly express that this is the anniversary of the All Raisin brand. The logo mark was created with a playful spirit.

For the anniversary copy, “All for small happiness.” was chosen to express the fact that the All-brand has continued to accompany people in various everyday situations where they feel small happiness, as well as the desire to continue to deliver small happiness to as many people as possible. It is widely used on the All Raisin 50th anniversary website and other sites, helping to convey the brand’s passion and determination.