Berli Jucker
  • - Package design development

The value of fashion in tissues

In Thailand, where the market for soft pack tissue paper is growing rapidly due to its portability, “Cellox facial tissue” aimed to attract consumer attention and establish its position as a trend leader by developing an innovative new product.

“Cellox Mettalic” was designed with a diamond motif to create a three-dimensional and glossy look, and was packaged in a metallic package, one of the trends in Thailand. A pattern in the background adds movement and a fun image.

The mint-scented “Cellox Mettalic Cooling” expresses a cool feeling with snowflakes. The design emphasizes the cool impression of snowflakes by lightly coloring the crystals on a metallic background.

SWEET FANCY”, a collaboration with the fashion brand SRETSIS, is designed to appeal to women who prefer more fashionable items, with the star, the symbol of SRETSIS, and the unicorn as the main visuals, creating a world view similar to a fairy tale. The design is aimed at female customers who prefer more fashionable items.

The “Flower Box” Valentine limited edition package “Cellox Purify Flower Valentine Edition” follows the design concept of a bouquet of flowers that has been promoted in the series, with a white background decorated with brightly colored roses and camellias. The design of the bouquet, which is decorated with brightly colored roses and camellias on a white background, conveys a sense of specialness at a glance. The design also features an icon that resembles a sealing stamp, which adds a new value to the tissue box as a gift.

BRAVIS has been responsible for the development of many Cellox package designs and has been involved in the total branding process.