Berli Jucker
  • - Package design development

Inheriting tradition and steering the ship toward a new era

Cococa Dutch is a premium cocoa brand that has been a favorite in Thailand for many years. High quality cocoa powder produced in the Netherlands is imported and sold under the “Cococa Dutch” brand. The cocoa powder, with a fat content of 20%, is characterized by its aromatic and mild taste.

While this brand is familiar among Thai consumers, new users in their 20s to 40s, whom we hope will pick up this product in the future, have an image of the brand as old-fashioned and of their parents’ generation. Furthermore, because the product was imported, the price was set at about double that of competitors’ products.

We therefore developed the BI and package design with the aim of improving the premium and quality feel of the product, while at the same time maintaining the traditional feel of the historic brand and updating it in a modern way.

The brand is represented by 100% COCOA POWDER in a red tin can. Since consumers have a strong impression of the red tin can and the Dutch building depicted on it, we decided to keep the two brand equities. By designing the area around the logo to look like a gold label, we were able to elevate the design to a more premium, quality, and contemporary look without departing too much from the previous image.

Furthermore, the “3 in 1” and “Dark 3 in 1,” which contain sugar and other ingredients, have a series feel with the red tin can, but with a graphic in the background that makes it look like the aroma of cocoa is wafting through the air, creating a package design that consumers intuitively feel looks delicious.