• - Package design development

Challenges to Japanese uniqueness and global standards

The ENEOS X Series is a new brand of engine oil that was launched in response to the first update of international engine oil standards in 10 years, and replaces the ENEOS SUSTINA brand that has been deployed until now. Since this brand will be introduced in markets around the world, it was important that it be recognizable as an ENEOS engine oil brand at a glance, as well as having a sense of quality originating in Japan.

Therefore, we designed a straight brush stroke on the upper front of the package. The letter X, which evokes the elements, also expresses the future challenge and innovative performance of the ENEOS X series. It functions as a strong equity that symbolizes the ENEOS X series’ commitment to deliver the highest quality products from Japan to the world.

Furthermore, since the brand offers a rich lineup of products, the design is systematically color-coded to make it easy to distinguish the products from each other and to identify each product by its body color.