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Supplements that fit into your lifestyle

咪咪全知道健康科技(Momwow)is focusing on “intestinal health”, which is the most important issue among consumers, to meet the health needs of Chinese consumers. Braavis was in charge of package design and development.

The brand targets female workers in big cities who juggle work and family life, and aims to provide “health” support for their hectic and busy lives.
The brand is designed to be a “healthy” companion to women’s hectic and busy lives. The stick type was designed to be easily taken anytime, anywhere, and a lifestyle-oriented design was adopted so that it would not be embarrassing to be seen. The Infinity symbol is used to express the eight ingredients and the wish that taking this supplement will help you stay healthy.

In addition, a circle representing a lactobacillus enzyme is added to the upper right corner of the symbol to create a unique symbol that will remain in the consumer’s memory. Furthermore, colorful gradations are used throughout to express lively lactic acid bacteria. The functional layout and the use of wave patterns to represent movement in the body also ensure a sense of effectiveness as a dietary supplement. Gold decorations and printing on pearl paper create a sense of luxury, creating a design that makes the target group naturally want to pick up the product.