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A brand symbolizing the symbiosis of nature, the city, and people

Since its opening in 2000, the commercial facility “Grandberry Mall” has supported the lifestyles of many people and has given a sense of liveliness to the city.

It was regrettably closed once in 2017, but reopened as “Minami-Machida Granbury Park,” a new place for people to relax, including a park and commercial facilities, as part of the “Minami-Machida Base Creation Town Development Project” jointly conducted by Tokyu Corporation and Machida City. A new brand logo was required to be developed.

In developing the brand logo, it was necessary to visually appeal that it is not just a commercial facility, but a complex “town” filled with nature, people, warmth, new discoveries, and surprises, and to renew the image of “Grandberry Mall” from the past. The project was to renew the image of “Grandberry Mall” from the past.

To this end, we created a symbol based on the motif of a large tree spreading out as if covering the sky. The symbol represents a “town” that is a hub for people’s lives, integrated with a park overflowing with greenery. Each of the seven diamond colors expresses the richness of nature, relaxation and leisure, the smiles and warmth of people, and discovery and surprise. The colorful graphics of the diamonds were designed to expand the world view to a wide variety of products.

The tree symbol and the word mark of Grandberry Park are integrated into a new and unique logo, symbolizing a new “town” that renews the image of the existing Grandberry Mall. The logo evokes the liveliness, diversity, and excitement of the entire “town,” including the commercial facilities, park, and train station.