• - Brand concept development
  • - Package design development
  • - Web development & design
  • - Branded video development

Development of a new flagship brand

The new sake brand “Shoun” Bravis was born from the combination of Hakutsuru Shuzo’s traditional skills honed over 270 years of history and the creativity of a pioneer of a new era, and Bravis was responsible for everything from brand launch to design development and brand appeal content development.

Hakutsuru Shuzo’s “Maru” brand was in the volume zone and had a strong image of cheap sake. Therefore, “Shoun” was developed with the aim of becoming a new flagship product within Hakutsuru Shuzo while renewing the Hakutsuru brand image.

In order to maximize the appeal of “Shoun,” with its simple beauty and high quality dignity, the label was designed with a touch of light black ink, depicting a rural landscape and clean air where Hakutsuru Nishiki, the proprietary sake rice used for “Shoun,” grows. The flying cranes represent the expansive sky and earth, and the white lines extending from the bottom represent the gently swaying ears of rice. The brand logo is stamped in foil to express the image of rice paddies glistening in the reflected light.

Bravis was also in charge of the bottle design, with the image of a crane gracefully soaring through the sky expressed in the shape that extends from the bottle neck to the bottom.

The brand website and brand movie showcase Hakutsuru Shuzo’s passion for “Shoun” and its commitment to the brand, using an image of light black ink, which has a strong affinity with the label. We have created content that connects the brand with consumers.