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Developing a premium brand that appeals to a highly sensitive target audience

Under the slogan “beyond Japanese sweets,” HONMIDO is a brand that fuses Japanese and Western confectionery with a modern sensibility, while respecting the natural nourishment that is the starting point of confectionery by focusing on natural ingredients. This brand was born with the opening of GINZA SIX, which proposes new values such as pleasure and satisfaction that transcend the five senses. The brand has been developed with a conscious effort to be edgy and sophisticated, to be the brand of choice for adults with sharp sensibilities who gather in Ginza.

The pattern of leaves, ivy, and berries is a fusion of the Japanese family crest, a unique Japanese emblem, and Western decoration, expressing the nourishment of nature that HONMIDO values. The design uses simple color schemes such as silver and monotone, with highly identifiable colorful shades for different types of confectionery. The design represents the delicious taste of the confectionery and the glamorous feeling of eating it, making it an eye-catching mechanism.

HONMIDO received the Silver Award in the Pent Award Food category in 2019 and the Bronze Award in the international design competition “A’ Design Award & Competition 2022” in 2022.