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Occasional gifts that catch the hearts and minds of the target audience

Kit Kat, a long-time favorite in Japan, launched “Kit Kat Heartful Bear” in a different bear shape for Valentine’s Day 2022. The product became so popular that it was difficult to obtain. Braavis Strategy & Consulting Division provided strategic support and the creative team was in charge of package design development.

After considering the creation of new demand in Japan with the Corona Vortex, the first Kit Kat in Japan to change the shape of the product itself into a cute bear was implemented. The product is intended to be a “casual gift” that millennial women can easily purchase at variety stores such as PLAZA and LOFT, as well as convenience stores, and will want to share with their friends and colleagues.

Based on research and analysis of what the target generation tends to purchase during the Valentine’s Day season, we have designed a cute and mature package that will make the target generation swoon.

The pink package with gold hearts scattered on it and the use of pearls gives it a glamorous yet elegant look, creating a different atmosphere even in a variety store. Furthermore, from the viewpoint of a design that only Kit Kat can create, the famous Kit Kat catchphrase “Have a break , have a KITAKT” is hidden in the playful combination of the letters LOVE to create a heart motif.

In the winter of 2022, “Kit Kat Santa”, which is very popular in more than 40 countries around the world, will make its first appearance in Japan. Kit Kat Holiday Santa” follows the Valentine’s Day design and depicts a Christmas tree with the message “have HAPPY holidays with KITKAT. The sparkling design, which makes the most of metallic, adds color to Christmas and makes it a special Kit Kat that can only be found during the holiday season.