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Leveraging Brand Equity and Adding New Functions

Vegetable Lactobacillus “Labré” is a long-selling brand of lactobacillus beverage that supports women’s healthy life by using plant-derived lactobacilli to support their health from the intestines.

In the 14 years since the brand was launched, it has earned a high reputation among women, its main users, for its unique use of plant-derived lactobacilli. Its functionality had become a solid advantage for the brand. In 2021, the product was reborn as a “W-function” product, adding the beauty function of skin moisturizing to the health function of improving the intestinal environment. I was in charge of the package renewal that accompanied this change.

The main point of this renewal was to establish a unique position and differentiate the product by strengthening the beauty image while ensuring the botanical nature of the product, a strength that differentiates it from its original value.

While retaining the logo panel that conveys the power of plants, which has become the equity of Labre, the “vegetable lactic acid bacteria” was brushed up to a more supple font reminiscent of ivy. In addition, the leaf illustration has been designed more impressively to reinforce the unique value of the product. The health function “improves the intestinal environment” is described in gold, while the beauty function “protects skin moisture” is described in pink, making the “W” function visually clear and easy to understand.

This is the birth of a new Labre that supports more women.