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No. 1 Overseas Mega Brand for 3 Consecutive Years Strategic Renewal

MAXIM T.O.P. was launched in 2008 and has been supported by consumers for more than 10 years. It is a premium RTD canned coffee with the No.1 brand power among Korean coffee drinks for three consecutive years. It is also a mega brand in Korea with sales exceeding 100 billion won, and is widely available not only in cans but also in chilled cups and PET bottles. However, the commercial model and package design have remained unchanged for a long time, giving it a conservative and slightly old-fashioned image, and it was decided to renew the package and T.O.P logo design in order to keep giving the MAXIM T.O.P brand a new and younger image.

T.O.P stands for The Original Passion for Coffee, and the brand essence of T.O.P is passion. The challenges were to create a young image while maintaining the sophistication and luxury of MAXIM T.O.P., to express that the coffee is made using the same espresso method as specialty coffee shops, and to create a simple, trendy design that would have an impact in stores and make people want to pick up the product.

The design was casual, with the target audience of business people in their 20s and 30s in mind, and the flavor names were used as background graphics. An illustration of an espresso machine was placed between the letters to create a coffee feel. The design is continuous and trendy with the existing design.