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Make every day brighter and more energetic!

Bravis has been designing the packaging for Kirin Nodogoshi (Nama), a new genre beer that continues to lead the market with its overwhelming sales volume, for nearly 20 years since its launch in April 2005.

Kirin Nodogoshi (Nama) is a brand that is highly valued by consumers for its unique value of “refreshing taste that allows you to drink in large gulps” and “brings a refreshing and uplifting feeling”. The package design has also been renewed accordingly. The package design has been renewed accordingly.

The shape and thickness of the Taiko-ban logo, which expresses Kirin’s confidence in its beer, have been adjusted so that it is more clearly visible. In addition, the background sizzle of the beer is shown more strongly, with as little information as possible, in order to convey a greater sense of deliciousness. We also verified the colors to ensure that the beer would look delicious on refrigerated product shelves.

As an entity responsible for revitalizing the beer market, the package also conveys a refreshing and energizing brand image.