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Designs that accentuate individuality

Mercian, a Kirin Holdings Group company, is a company that produces a large number of wines, including Chateau Mercian, one of Japan’s most famous wines. The new Mercian Wines brand is an imported wine brand that aims to “allow more Japanese customers to enjoy wine casually and freely. The brand offers three series of wines: “Luxury Collection,” “Discover,” and “Quality.

The first product in the “Quality” series, which allows customers to casually enjoy wines of assured quality, is the organic wine “Mercian Wines Sunnyside Organic Red/White”. The lineup is a combination of wines with a gentle, mouth-watering fruitiness, created in collaboration with Peninsula, a Spanish winery that places sustainability as a major pillar of its business.

The design developed by Bravis was created with an awareness of the stylishness that only imported wines can have, so that they will be memorable in stores where many unique wines line the shelves. The impressive treehouse, which catches the eye first, symbolizes the gentle taste of the wine as it is enveloped by warm light. The delicate touch of the treehouse symbolizes the producer’s commitment and the organic image of the wine. The logo is stamped in orange metallic foil to give a sense of quality. The result is a design with a little bit of specialness and happiness that makes you want to choose it for a relaxing scene.