• - Brand concept development
  • - Product copy development
  • - Brand name development
  • - Package design development

Value appeal of “taste” not functionality

House Wellness Foods decided to launch a new brand “Delicious Protein Jelly” that would appeal to a new value in the market and be consumed more frequently in everyday situations. Bravis was involved in the total branding process, from brand concept planning to package design development.

Protein-containing products have been attracting attention for their beauty and health benefits and are on the rise, but most of them are geared toward the sports scene, and none of the products were differentiated from the others.

Given this situation, the concept for the new brand was to differentiate the appeal of protein, the core physical property, from competing brands, and to make it easy to understand so that young women, the main target audience, would want to pick up the product.

The brand concept was developed while considering the specific scenes in which the product brand would work and provide value when taken into the daily lives of the target consumers. We decided on the concept of “add protein to breakfast to boost your energy for the day” by combining the current situation where the quality of breakfast is neglected by women and the function of protein to enhance the effects of breakfast.

A total of more than 400 naming ideas were then created. The name “Protein Days” was adopted to express the wish that people would start their day well by taking in protein. We also considered product copy that would effectively promote the product’s features.

The package design was designed with a sun motif to embody the brand concept. The gentle atmosphere makes the product easy for young women to pick up and differentiates it from other protein-containing jelly beverages. A new jelly beverage brand with new value in the market was born, offering a tasty way to consume protein in daily life.