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Leveraging brand equity to move into new categories

The lemon-flavored beverage “海之言” from Uni-President has been highly recognized and has enjoyed a high market share since its launch in 2014 as a drink that provides appropriate water and salt intake for a dry body. In the Chinese beverage market, light exercise beverages for jogging or after sports have been attracting attention and the market trend has been changing.

Therefore, we decided to renew the face of “海之言” from the conventional regular beverage water to a face that gives the light exercise beverage category a more distinctive look. Braavis was in charge of the package design, with the goal of attracting a new, younger generation of consumers.

The challenge for this renewal was how to express the new light exercise beverage category while maintaining the blue bottle and simple face that is typical of the package.

While maintaining the refreshing logo, which is a strong and eye-catching feature of the package, we used a strong light reminiscent of the sun to further enhance the momentum of the water spray to express the dynamism of the light exercise drink. Furthermore, to visually appeal the use of Mediterranean sea salt, a product feature, as well as the flavor name, a striking blue and white building found on the Greek island of Santorini is designed on the side of the panel.

The renewal was designed to leverage brand equity and to penetrate in a new category.