Asahi Kasei
  • - Package design development

Creating a system to instantly understand product features

Ziploc®, from Asahi Kasei Home Products, first arrived in Japan in 1991. Today, Ziploc® is not limited to products for storing foodstuffs and small items, but has expanded its product lineup to include Ziploc®Style, which is used in a variety of everyday organizational and storage situations.

Bravis has been involved in the packaging design of Ziploc® for many years, and was also in charge of the 2023 renewal that accompanied the logo change.

Since Ziploc® is available in many grades and sizes, we designed the packaging to be “simple” and “easy to understand. While maintaining the overall blue worldview of Ziploc®, we divided the package with diagonal lines.

The left side of the package conveys the brand image, while the right side shows the intended use of the product, along with its color, to help consumers instantly understand the product features at the store. In addition, the design creates an overall sense of quality and innovation, as the product features continue to evolve, such as the easy-to-open “Open Tab” and the “W Zipper.