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Uniquely Promising
One of Japan's big three consumer finance companies, Promise was in need of a strong visual brand identity to grab consumers' attention in a highly competitive marketplace.

Creative Response
In the crowded retail environments by railway stations where consumer finance companies operate, instant visibility is crucial. Since Promise's competitors use red and blue on their signage, Bravis developed a dramatic yellow and black color scheme to effectively differentiate the Promise brand. The new identity consists of two Ps that stand for 'Personal Partner', communicating the company's vision of 'aiming to become the personal main bank of all its customers. The lion's mane motif evokes strength, while also recalling the sun to send a message of reliability with a warm, human touch. The cropping of the design communicates the ever-expanding possibilities that loan finance opens up to consumers.

Business Benefit
The new Promise brand identity was implemented throughout Japan in the first half of 1999 and won the gold medal in the 1999 Popai Japan Show. There was a surge in new customers after the debut of the striking new identity, helping Promise to consolidate its position as one of the leading consumer finance operations in Japan. The mark is also used prominently in the company's television advertising.

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