• Uni President(Taiwan) Cereal Drink1
Uni President(Taiwan) Cereal Drink1

Uni President(Taiwan) Cereal Drink

Uni-President is a Taiwanese company that owns the 7-Eleven convenience store franchise in Taiwan and some parts of Greater China. It launched this line of cereal drinks as part of 7-Eleven's Kogonojo ('Sunshine Farm') brand which is focused on fresh, natural goodness.

One of the drinks in the series, for example, contains black sesame and over ten other grains to provide all the fiber a person needs for a whole day. The drinks thus present a great way for busy people to meet their daily nutritional needs.

We used a slightly coarse-textured beige background for the package to evoke the idea of dietary fiber. We dotted grains of different colors randomly around the design, then added a stream of milk at the base.

The flavor names (the six ideograms in the center of the package) are angled upwards from left to right to suggest the energy boost the drinks provide.

The overall design achieves a sense of down-to-earth honesty and authenticity suitable to a line of natural, healthy drinks.

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