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Rohto Pharmaceutical

ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. boasts the top market share for over-the-counter eye medication in Japan and since taking over the U.S. company Mentholatum with its 150-country network, has become an aggressive global player. It has also branched into the medical skin care field and is extending its line-up with a range of new products.

Panshiron stomach powders is a Rohto brand that enjoyed high levels of recognition among consumers of the older generation, while being relatively little known to the middle-aged and the young. As a result, sales were on a path of gradual decline. Rohto turned to Bravis to arrest the brand's descent by coming up with attention-getting and up-to-date packaging for the four Panshiron products.

While retaining the well-known and much-loved Panshiron logo, Bravis devised packaging with elements that clearly express the different benefits of the four products. The redesign has not just arrested the decline, but actually led to a rise in sales of between 110 and 150 percent for the various product types.

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