• Mentholatum Exiv Series1
Mentholatum Exiv Series1

Mentholatum Exiv Series

Rohto Pharmaceutical

Mentholatum Exiv is a product for women suffering from athlete's foot. The series originally featured two product varieties, a cream and a spray, but when brand owner Rohto Pharmaceutical expanded the line-up with a further two varieties--a liquid and a special cream for the heel of the foot--they turned to Bravis to renew the package design.

Rohto gave us a twofold brief: they wanted to retain Exiv's distinctive image as a product tailored for a female audience while communicating the different properties of the four varieties in a direct and easy-to-understand manner.

An athlete's foot cream specifically for the heel of the foot was a wholly new product category, so we deliberately created a fresh, new design that, while retaining the old brand equity, looks somewhat different from the rest of the series. (Notice the extensive use of dark blue in the background and the beefed-up logo with black lettering outlined in dynamic yellow.)

The other three products feature different color banners under the logo to communicate the dosage form (ie, whether it's a cream, a spray or a liquid). Color gradation and a burst of brilliant white light send a strong message of 'effectiveness' and 'impact.'

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