• Mentholatum Fredi1
Mentholatum Fredi1

Mentholatum Fredi

Rohto Pharmaceutical

Mentholatum Fredi is an ointment that relieves feminine itching.

We faced a number of challenges when undertaking the package renewal. Firstly, women can feel embarrassed about buying such a product, so we needed to create a package they felt no inhibitions about picking up in the store. Secondly, we needed to boost the impression of 'medical efficacy' and 'trustworthiness,' which had been weak points in the previous package.

Our choice of pink as the key color of the Fredi brand family reinforced the product's presence in the drugstore. We then used a graphic with other gradated colors to make distinguishing between the cream type (yellow/orange) and the gel type (blue/purple) easy. The color combinations acted as visual evocation of the pleasant, soothing feelings of relief Fredi brings to its users. Overall, we made a point of emphasizing the positive (ie, feeling better), rather than the symptoms and the potential embarrassment at the point of purchase.

The blue and white nurse mark on the left of the package and the dark gray lettering of the Fredi logo give the package seriousness and weight. 'This is an effective treatment you can trust,' is the message.

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