Bravis Branding Seminar No.1

The first Bravis Branding Seminar was held on June 13, 2006 to mark 10 years since the founding of the company. 40 attendees gathered in the large conference room on the lower floors of the Bravis head office to listen to the two speakers, join in the discussions, and network with one another.

Kicking off the event was Hiko Okuda, who heads up the visual identity and name creation groups in the brand management office of car manufacturer Nissan and spoke about 'Corporate Philosophy as an Expression of the Brand and the Importance of Internal Branding.' He was followed by Tsuyoshi Sakai, Brand Management Division General Manager at the Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido, who gave a speech about 'The Identity and Brands of Shiseido.'

The speeches stimulated a lively discussion, with members of the audience trying to get to the bottom of some of the difficulties they were facing on a daily basis with the different brands they were responsible for. The event fulfilled the original aim of looking at branding issues in Japan from a variety of new perspectives. Thanks to everyone who participated. We look forward to seeing you at the next event.

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