Bravis Branding Seminar No.2

On October 3rd 2006, Bravis held the second Bravis Branding Seminar on the theme of package identity. In an environment where the product lifecycle is getting shorter and shorter, the impact of TV advertising on sales has shrunk dramatically. Products now have to be able to stand out on the shelves independently with a minimum of advertising support. The role of the package, in other words, is more crucial than ever.

There were three speakers at the seminar: Mr. Seiichi Sato, of Meiji Dairies Corporation, talked about the brand strategy of Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt and why the product has survived and flourished for such a long time.

Next up was Mr. Narumi Matsuda of Lion Corporation who revealed how renewing the package design of long-term best-selling products had given a fillip to sales, and discussed the challenge of creating innovative packaging shapes.

Finally, Fumi Sasada, the president of Bravis International Limited, gave an overview of trends in package identity in Asia with examples of projects from all over the region, in particular China, Korea and Taiwan. After the lectures, there was a very animated discussion between the speakers and the audience about beverage packaging, and everyone who participated went home feeling they had learned something new. Bravis will now be holding Bravis Branding Seminars on different topics every three months. We hope you can come!

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