Bravis Branding Seminar No.3 in Seoul, Korea

Bravis is already active in the Korean world of branding through its Seoul office. In response to requests from many of our Korean clients, we held our third Bravis Branding Seminar there on February 23, 2007.

There were three speakers: Hiko Okuda, the head of visual identity and naming creation at the brand management office of car manufacturer Nissan; Tsuyoshi Sakai, former general manager of the brand management division at Shiseido; and Fumi Sasada, president and CEO of Bravis International. The seminar presented an opportunity for the Korean business world to gain some direct insights into the world of Japanese branding.

Okuda spoke with authority about global brands, referring to a broad range of examples including the resurgent Nissan. Cosmetics maker Shiseido was founded in 1872, meaning that Sakai had a great deal of history to call on when he reflected on the evolution of branding over Shiseido's more than 130-year existence. Fumi Sasada wrapped things up by presenting case studies of Bravis' work in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China to show what goes into making a strong and context-appropriate brand.

The Seoul seminar certainly succeeded in raising Korean corporates' interest in the topic of branding. Bravis holds its branding seminars every four months.

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