Bravis Branding Seminar No.5

The fifth Bravis Branding Seminar (BBS for short) was held on May 15, 2008 at Bravis International's head office in Tokyo. The theme this time was 'Branding in Japan and in the U.S.' and marked the first time that a Bravis seminar had a speaker from overseas.

First on the podium was Masaya Imai from Kirin Brewery's marketing division. Imai, who heads up the design group at the product development research center, spoke about the role that packaging design and in particular the kirin-the mythical beast that has been a key element of Kirin's visual identity for 120 years now-play in the brand. Imai looked at both historical examples and present-day activities to paint a comprehensive picture of how packaging design has helped build the Kirin brand over the years.

The next speaker was Jack Vogler, a consultant from the United States who has been working in branding for 45 years. Vogler too provided a stimulating mix of historical precedent and cutting-edge examples of American branding trends to give the audience valuable insights into his market.

The speeches were followed by an animated exchange of opinions. We look forward to announcing details of our next branding seminar soon.

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