Bravis Branding Seminar No.6 in Seoul, Korea

Bravis had held its first Bravis Branding Seminar (BBS) in Seoul, Korea in 2007. We received so many inquiries about when we would be a follow-up, that we finally arranged a second event on February 2, 2009 in response to popular demand. This second BBS featured two speakers from Japan and one from the United States.

The first speaker was Ms. Noriko Himeda, from the visual communications team of Panasonic Corporation's Design Company. Ms. Himeda talked about 'Using Design to Create Value for Panasonic's Batteries.' Introducing a range of examples, she showed how important it is that new products should embody the three core values of 'leading-edge,' 'stylish' and 'trustworthy.'

Ms. Himeda was followed by Mr. Takamichi Kunishima, who is in charge of corporate branding and web planning in the advertising division of Japanese food giant Ajinomoto. Mr. Kunishima gave a speech on 'Ajinomoto's Corporate Brand Strategy,' explaining the company's branding philosophy and the steps the firm is taking to build brand value over the long term.

The final talk was given by veteran U.S. brand consultant Mr. Jack Vogler on the theme of 'Branding in America: Trends in Corporate and Product Identity.' Mr. Vogler looked at the factors determining the success or failure of different brands in the United States in the face of a savage recession, before sharing his thoughts on what themes would determine the fortunes of brands going forward.

Bravis would like to express its gratitude to all the speakers who made the journey to Seoul for the event. We mean to make Bravis Branding Seminars a fixture in Seoul, and are already planning a follow-up event.

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