08. Design Application Development

  • Marza Animation Planet

The corporate brand is communicated through a series of applications on items ranging from business cards and stationery to online and print media. Always presenting a consistent look when communicating the company is crucial in inspiring public trust.

Design Application Development Case Study: Marza Animation Planet
Marza Animation Planet is a group company of Sega Sammy Holdings specializing in the production of movies and computer graphics. Bravis developed the new corporate identity and a range of design applications when the firm changed its name from Sega Sammy Visual Entertainment to Marza Animation Planet.

We decided to use the corporate logo at a large and visually striking size in order to raise awareness and secure recognition for the newly named firm as fast as possible. Our design for Marza's business cards is a good example of this. We took a highly unconventional approach, placing the brand logo in the center.

We also developed a design system for the corporate brand logo governing the size, position, brand color and logo format to project a strong, consistent image for the company.

The firm's new identity came with its own unusual back-story. The 'Movie Giant' originally lived on the planet Marza where he made animated films to beam around the galaxy. He came to Earth and established Marza Animation Planet as his 'local Earth movie studio.'

We took care that the design applications all reflected this unique back-story. Look for example at the business cards and envelopes. They are marked with enormous fingerprints as if the Movie Giant himself had been handling them.

We also developed applications featuring similar fingerprints for the office lobby and meeting-room desks. You feel the presence of the movie giant everywhere! These unique design applications tell both company insiders and outsiders that Marzay is a creative company providing dreams and inspiration to youngsters the world over.

At Bravis our goals are to develop design applications that are i. express the company ii. project a consistent image of the corporate brand and iii. are practical and usable.

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