26. Package Design Development for Asia

  • Carlsberg China CHILL

Asian clients often approach Bravis to design product packages for Asian markets. Why do they approach a Japan-based firm like us rather than a local company? The biggest reason is probably their desire for a fresh point of view, something new to their local market.

Package Design Development for Asia Case Study: Carlsberg China CHILL
Our experience working with Carlsberg China on the design of Chill (their local beer brand targeting the younger consumer in the China market) is a case in point. Carlsberg specifically requested an innovative design different to anything else in the segment.

For Chill we created a logo that seems to be breaking through a layer of ice. The design went down well and the product is now available in every territory in China.

To create its innovative package designs, Bravis follows the following guidelines.

  1. Never pursue novelty for its own sake. Try and discover the direction in which consumers in any given market are moving and position the design a little further along the curve.
  2. At the same time as taking an innovative approach, always leverage pre-existing brand equity.
  3. When putting forward concepts which appear to run contrary to local norms, have frank discussions with local consumers/professionals. It is important to avoid creating anything culturally inappropriate.
  4. Make sure that the final design dovetails with the technical level of the local printing/packaging industry.

Once an innovative design has won acceptance in any Asian market, periodic package renewals should be conducted to build the brand through keeping the design fresh and attractive.

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