01. Research and Analysis

  • Tokyo Stock Exchange

At Bravis our consultants are committed to research and analysis. Before we embark on a new branding project, we always like to be 100% clear about the key issues: the current status of the brand; the problems it's facing, the clear definition of goals and methodologies.

Thanks to this preliminary process, Bravis and its client always start out from the same jumping-off point.

One of the most useful kinds of research we do are surveys on brand awareness for corporate identity projects. Combining Internet research with face-to-face interviews enables us to see what kind of image the various stakeholders have of a company.

What is most striking are the enormous differences between how various departments within the same company--sales, PR, HR, production--see their own firm. There is often an equally large perception gap between the management and the ordinary employees; impressions also vary based on factors like age, sex and nationality.

Clients can be astonished to discover just how dislocated the perception of corporate identity is even internally. Clearly, these perceptions only get more fragmented when you move outside the firm.

Research and Analysis Case Study: Tokyo Stock Exchange
When we were approached about rebranding the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), the first step we took was to see how the institution was perceived by the public. Our research revealed that many people mistakenly thought the TSE to be a government entity and correspondingly rigid, old-fashioned and gloomy.

One of the main goals of the corporate rebranding we carried out was to right this perception gap by presenting the exchange in its true colors--as a dynamic market where hundreds of thousands of transactions took place on a daily basis.

The result was an instantly 'readable' corporate identity in which the opposing red arrows symbolize the 'buy' and 'sell' sides of a trade. The new identity makes the TSE far more accessible to the layperson.

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