05. Internal Branding

  • Ushio

We usually think of a brand as a signifier that communicates a company to the outside world. Companies, however, can often benefit from 'internal branding' (sometimes called 7inner branding') to raise employees' awareness of their own brand and what it means.

Internal Branding Case Study: Ushio
Ushio is a market-leading manufacturer in lighting systems and energy with operations all around the world. Eager to project its corporate brand consistently in global markets, it asked Bravis to develop a brand book.

The purpose of the brand book was to explain the Ushio brand in a simple, stress-free style to all Ushio employees regardless of age, nationality, gender or job description. A quick flick through its pages is enough to understand the new unified design concept based on the key elements of the brand image and the corporate brand color. The text is simple, avoiding specialist design terminology and legalese. Even the busiest salesperson or factory worker can get a handle on the brand in a matter of minutes.

Internal Branding Case Study: Kawasaki Kisen
Kawasaki Kisen is one of Japan's biggest shipping lines. It operates under the brand name "K" LINE. The company approached Bravis about developing a brand book that was small and portable, but also quite detailed.

We developed an internal branding mini-pamphlet for all the employees from the ships' crews to the staff at the Tokyo HQ. Only 9cm x 5.5cm, the little brand book could slip easily into a wallet. It included data ranging from the company's corporate behavior and environmental charters to its emergency response manual. The inclusion of lists of emergency procedures and contact numbers meant that the booklet had some intensely practical benefits outside its brand-education role.

The booklet also features photographs of Kawasaki Kisen employees and vessels alongside the text. These visual give employees a fuller sense of what the company they work for is all about.

Bravis always puts forward practical internal branding policies based on specific client needs. Our output encompasses everything from workshops and seminars to specially developed educational tools.

PHOTO CAPTION: Kawasaki Kisen's pamphlet is small enough to fit into a wallet.

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