13. Mascot Character Development

  • Makoto Cobras

Bravis develops cute mascot characters to add value to products and to boost sales.

The fundamental purpose of a mascot character is to bring the brand and the consumer immediately closer together. They are particularly effective at building a strong, positive brand image with a younger audience.

Mascot Character Development Case Study: Makoto Cobras
Bravis performed total branding for the Makoto Cobras, a Taiwanese baseball team owned by the local Makoto Bank. The services we provided extended from developing the team name, logo, design system and design application system to package design and character design.

The team logo features a symbolic cobra rearing up from the tail end of the name. In addition to this slightly fearsome creature with its spread hood, we designed a further two cobras called Coby and Coco who were presented as cute-looking friends of the big snake.

By making baseball attractive to kids, these cute mascot characters served the practical purpose of building the team's future fan base. The boost they gave to the sales of a whole range of merchandise also made a very significant contribution to the team's finances.

We also provided a design manual for the mascot characters to ensure they would be managed properly and never presented in a manner that gave a negative impression.

We originally developed the mascot characters only in 2D format. Eventually we developed a 3D version that served as a template for items such as cuddly toys.

The design elements (such as the brand logo and the brand color) that evoke the brand together constitute the brand equity. Among all the constituents of brand equity, mascot characters are out and away the most individual. After all, only the mascots get to talk or move on film! At Bravis we work hard to develop applications for mascot characters, packing them with information to get across the worldview and personality of the brand as effectively as possible.

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