03. Building A Corporate Vision

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Bravis helps clients craft inspiring corporate visions.

A well-defined and well-communicated corporate vision can influence individual behavior in a positive way, bringing employees together and giving them a clear and strong idea of what is expected of them.

Participatory Corporate Vision Building
It is important to get buy-in from all employees when creating a corporate vision. At Bravis, we always like to keep the following points in mind.

  1. The more the employees are involved in crafting the vision, the more they will understand and believe in it.
  2. Outside consultants should play the role of facilitator for the employees' discussions about the corporate vision. It is the employees who know the company culture best, and it is from them that the vision should emerge.
  3. Try to craft a vision that everyone in the firm can understand. Particularly when dealing with a global business, make sure the vision can be understood by people of different countries and cultures.
  4. Japanese firms all have a tendency to make the same kind of vague, idealistic claims--'Making people's lives richer' etc. When confronted with a quasi-generic vision of this kind, press the client to be more precise about what exactly they mean.
  5. Try to use language uniquely suitable to that particular client.

Building A Corporate Vision Case Study: Petio
The company vision that Bravis created for Yamahisa Inc.'s Pet Care division--'Taking care of a life that's precious to you'--was the result of precisely the process of internal discussion described above.

Bravis had in-depth discussions with the staff in charge of the brand renewal project. It was their insights and opinions that formed the basis of the Brand Vision, Brand Mission and Brand Values that we created.

To define the above terms:
Brand Vision: The world that the PETIO brand wants to create.
Brand Mission: The strategies PETIO will implement to achieve the aims of the vision
Brand Values: The values PETIO must offer to achieve its vision and mission.

The terms that occurred most frequently in our discussions with the employees were: 'loyalty,' 'a business that supports life,' 'kindness and gentleness,' 'creating a society where people and pets can live in harmony' and 'taking care of a life that's irreplaceably precious.' These were the heartfelt feelings of this group of pet care professionals; and since these were the sentiments that inspired, motivated and united them, we incorporated them into our expression of the brand.

See: http://www.petio.com/aboutpetio/

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