06. Corporate Identity Development

  • KDDI

Corporate identity development involves multiple steps. The first of these is defining the corporate values. That is followed by the development of a corporate statement, name, logo, design system, design applications, and finally the design manual.

This seven-stage process makes it possible for a company to successfully project its 'personality' and 'worldview.'

At Bravis, we divide the information that firms transmit about themselves into the two distinct categories of 'flow information' and 'stock information.' While the 'flow information' is always changing, 'stock information' remains unchanged over a long period. The corporate logo forms the centerpiece of this stock information.

Since the corporate logo is in use for an extended period, it must be simple and accessible with long-term appeal to everyone regardless of age or gender.

Corporate Identity Development Case Study: KDDI
Bravis developed the corporate logo for KDDI, Japan's No. 2 telecoms company.

The logo combines simplicity and strength. The bold, upper case typography projects the trustworthiness, solidity and reliability of a leading company. The color blue was selected to communicate a sense of futuristic technology. Resembling like the rim of planet Earth as seen from space, the arc bisecting the logo expresses the global scope of KDDI's business. The inclusion of the arc graphic also has practical benefits: firstly, it adds a note of complexity to the typography, compelling the company's different offices around the world to reproduce and apply the logo correctly; secondly, it makes it easier to register the logo as a graphic trademark.

As this example shows, at Bravis our goal is to create corporate identities that i. have a high level of functionality. ii. transcend short-term design fads and iii. work on a global basis.

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