10. Interactive Design Development

  • Tokyo Campanella

The Internet is key when it comes to giving the consumer a 'virtual experience' of the brand. Graphics, text, music and video working together provide a great way for the brand to address its users in a multi-sensory environment.

In web design projects, Bravis focuses on finding the right balance between creativity versus usability/accessibility of information. The aim is always to get across the feel of the brand to the highest degree possible.

Interactive Design Development Case Study: Tokyo Campanella
Japan is a nation of gift-givers. Omiyage or temiyage--souvenir gifts associated with a specific place--have a major social role. Established in 2007, Tokyo Campanella,is a brand of cookies targeting visitors to the capital, Tokyo. Bravis first developed Tokyo Camapanella's brand logo and packaging. It then designed a website to express the same brand 'worldview.'

The most striking attribute of the Tokyo Campanella brand is the vibrant turquoise of the brand color. We therefore developed the entire website around this 'Camapanella Blue.' (Using the online space to familiarize consumers with the key color has practical benefits. It enables them to spot Tokyo Campanella products faster in the railways stations and airports where they are sold.)

Since Tokyo Campanella is all about the stylish chic of Japan's capital city, we commissioned photographs of different streetscapes around Tokyo for the different pages of the site. As a result, the feel of the brand is properly projected regardless of which page you access the site from. Even the inquiry form--a purely functional component--features the same lyrical 'Tokyo state of mind' mood and look.

More than any other kind of media, the role of a website is to keep a brand 'fresh' by providing updates and other new brand-related information. That is why Bravis is careful to create websites that clients can easily manage and update for themselves.

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