25. Global Brand Localization

  • Aquafresh Ulti-Plus

Bravis has plenty of experience in modifying the master design of global brands to match local tastes and maximize market performance. We offer a both-ways service: we can localize the design while following the global design system (inward), or develop a global design system for local products that are being introduced to overseas markets (outward).

A successful design should always incorporate the most effective elements of brand equity. (Brand equity consists of the design elements consumers recall when they call the brand to mind: things like the brand color, brand logo, graphic format etc.) When localizing a design we always aim to create something that reverberates with local consumers while maintaining the consistency of the global brand image.

Global Brand Localization Case Study: Aquafresh Ulti-Plus
GlaxoSmithKline's Aquafresh is one of the world's best-known toothpaste brands. One of the purposes of the brand is to raise awareness about dental health issues. Ulti-Plus, a brand of toothpaste launched in 2010, is a case in point. Ulti-Plus was inspired by the insight that with 70% of our teeth being inside our gums, it's just as important to look after the invisible part of our teeth as the visible part.

Bravis created the local Japanese package design for Ulti-Plus. To project the brand with consistency globally, our design followed the guidelines of the global design system with regard to the use and positioning of the Aquafresh logo.

The key change we made was at the bottom of the tube. Inside a silver circle (expressive of 'effectiveness'), we placed a picture of a tooth, including the root. This picture communicates the all-important brand concept of caring for the whole tooth, root and all, in a very direct and easy-to-understand way.

To make sure we created a design that would work with local Japanese consumers, we conducted a series of consumer surveys, translating the logo into Japanese and adapting the colors and copy on the package in response to feedback.

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