22. Long-Seller Brand Renewal

  • Meiji Bulgaria Yoghurt

A marketing manager certainly needs a lot of courage to renew the design of a long-selling brand that has achieved iconic status. On the other hand, without the periodic reinvigoration of a brand renewal, even the brand power of a long-seller can weaken, undermining the long-term viability of the brand.

At Bravis we believe that even the strongest brand is limited to a thirty-year lifespan if it is not properly maintained and updated. Imagine a canned coffee brand. While someone who was an enthusiastic drinker of the brand in his twenties will probably have stopped drinking it altogether in his fifties. Meanwhile, younger consumers will look down on it as an old fogeys' brand. It is difficult to revive a brand which has fallen between two stools through neglect.

Long-Seller Brand Renewal Case Study: Meiji Bulgaria Yoghurt
Meiji's Bulgaria Yoghurt has been around since the early 1970s. Bravis has been responsible for the design of the brand for 15 years. Two key elements constitute the brand equity: the robust Bulgaria logo (with its connotations of health benefits), and the blue and white blue colors, evocative of the yoghurt's smooth mouthfeel and refreshing taste. We carry out a brand renewal once every two years, always retaining these key elements.

Most consumers are not even aware that the brand is being regularly renewed. But compare the two photographs of Meiji Bulgaria in 1996 and 2011 and you can clearly see how the design has evolved to stay in tune with the times over a 15-year span.

The renewal of a long-seller keeps the brand fresh and relevant, winning over new audiences while retaining loyal old ones. Companies should never get complacent about even their most robust brands. They need to keep investing in the brand's future.

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