21. Package Design Renewal

  • Nippon Meat Packers Ishigama Kobo

Boosting sales, revamp the brand's image, winning a broader target audience--these are among the reasons why companies commission a brand design renewal.

When we are asked to renew a brand, our focus is on developing a design that invigorates the brand while preserving as much preexisting brand equity as possible. (We define brand equity as the design elements consumers recall when they call the brand to mind. They are the elements which 'plant' the brand in the consciousness of consumers.)

Package Design Renewal Case Study: Nippon Meat Packers Ishigama Kobo
Although Nippon Meat Packers Ishigama Kobo ('Handmade Stone Oven Pizza') brand was No. 1 in the chilled pizza category in Japan, rival producers were aggressively revamping their designs to build a stronger presence on the store shelves. Nippon Meat Packers needed to keep moving to stay ahead.

Since consumers have fixed associations with pizza packaging--'green' means 'Margarita' and 'yellow' means 'cheese'--we knew we had to retain these key color signifiers. At the same time, with competitors also using green on their Margarita packaging, it was important to achieve distinctiveness.

To make sure that the Ishigama Kobo brand achieved proper recognition and awareness, we created a new logo that was rooted in the old one. We also added new and persuasive copy elements: 'The No. 1 Selling Chilled Pizza' above the brand name, and 'Thin and Crispy Roman-Style Pizza.'

The design we developed achieved our key aims: it clearly communicated the brand; it got across what was special about this offering vis-à-vis rival brands; while it also dovetailed with consumer expectations of what a chilled pizza package should look like.

The renewal was a huge success, leading to a 50 percent sales surge. Ishigama Kobo Handmade Stone Oven Pizza was a design renewal project that renewed our awareness of the market-moving power of good package design.

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