27. Package Design System Creation

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As a package design company, Bravis is expert in the creation of package design systems. A good package design system should guard the consistency of the brand while also allowing creativity to come into play.

Provided that the core elements of the brand equity (logo, brand color, graphic format etc.) are always handled consistently in accordance with rules, it is possible to develop package designs that present the brand in a consistent fashion, even if the size, shape or materials used for the package itself vary.

Different kinds of brands demand different kinds of treatment. With private brands (in-house supermarket brands being one example), where the emphasis is on a wholly coherent and unified image, the package design system should be based on strict and unbending rules. With national brands, however, we can create two kinds of system: one that sets firm guidelines governing the brand equity or one that sets only minimum guidelines, allowing for a greater level of creativity.

While firm guidelines obviously guarantee consistency in brand communication, they also make it harder to generate a sense of novelty and excitement when launching new or limited-edition products. Conversely, giving designers plenty of creative leeway runs the risk of undermining brand consistency. It is crucial to steer a path between these two extremes.

Package Design System Creation Case Study: Petio
Yamahisa Inc.'s pet care division is a leader in Japan's pet care and pet snack market. When Bravis developed a new brand vision and brand logo for Petio, we also created package design system for the renewed brand. The goal was to project the brand with maximum impact.

We placed bands in the brand color at the top and bottom of the packages. The Petio brand name is displayed on the upper band with a high level of visibility. The whole design system was crafted to project a coherent, unified image of the brand through consistent use of the brand logo and color to ensure that consumers notice and recall the Petio name. We created the system to be highly flexible. It can handle packages of any format.

Petio is now expanding from Japan into overseas markets. The package design system Bravis created is helping to communicate the Petio brand consistently in the global marketplace.

Our clients have different aims. Some want to develop a global brand that is presented consistently across all markets; others want to create a coherent framework that will still allow products to communicate their own individual character; yet others are primarily focused on achieving efficiency and coherence in package development. Whatever your needs, however, Bravis can create the package design system that is right for you.

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