23. Container and Shape Design

  • Air Performance

Bravis is well ahead of the curve as regards knowledge of the latest advances in the design of container and shapes (bottles etc.).

When designing a container, it is necessary to convert a 2D design into a 3D design. We proceed carefully, getting the vendor to produce dummies at every stage of the process and check the feasibility of the design. At the same time, we make sure the final shape is one that can be successfully manufactured on the client's production line. This cautious approach maximizes cost-effectiveness.

Container and Shape Design Case Study: Air Performance
Air Performance is a casual eau de toilette for young women produced by the Japanese cosmetics firm Kanebo. Bravis was responsible for the package (box) and bottle design.

We selected a color palette that was simultaneously casual and refined. The brand name appears to float above the surface of the bottle, a visual expression of the 'lightness' and 'airiness' that define the brand. The shape of the bottle itself is designed to evoke the silhouette of a slender woman as well as being easy to pick up. The overall impression created by the bottle's shape is of something clean, light and fresh.

Container and Shape Design Case Study: Mercian Eau de Vie
Bravis has a particularly strong track record in designing bottles and packages for the food and beverage industries.

Mercian Eau de Vie is a fruit-flavored liquor. As it is primarily sold directly to bars, the brief was to design a shape that spoke of 'orthodoxy' and 'authenticity.'

Drawn with a light touch, the pictures at the base of the bottle communicate the essential tastiness of the fruit element. The long, slim and elegant shape of the bottle was designed to project signals of style and quality when spotted in a cocktail bar.

The design for Mercian's Eau de Vie won the Bronze Award in the luxury category of the 2008 PENTAWARDS, the world's only global package design competition.

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