12. Print Design Development (Print Media)

  • Digitalscape

At Bravis we regard print as a key brand communication opportunity. The print designs we create at Bravis get across the essence of the brand to even the most casual reader.

We often create print media (company brochures, product manuals etc.) as part of a holistic corporate identity project. When designing print media, we consciously incorporate the core design elements (corporate brand mark, corporate color, sub-graphic, designated fonts) developed for the corporate identity. This results in a look that clearly communicates the company's vision and values.

Print Design Development Case Study: Digitalscape
Digitalscape is an employment agency that specializes in placing creators and engineers in the entertainment-oriented areas of IT such as computer games, animation etc. As well as asking Bravis to come up with a corporate slogan that would briefly and effectively communicate the company to all its stakeholders, Digitalscape also asked us to make a company brochure.

Since 'creativity' was a key value for all the stakeholders, the corporate slogan we developed was: 'Your Creativity is Our Priority.' And since Digitalscape's business is all about people, the letter 'i' (which occurs five times in the slogan) was tweaked to resemble the Japanese ideogram of 'person' (人) and used as a charming standalone design element.

Use of this element along with the corporate color and other core design elements meant that the print media we created did not just perform their basic function of imparting information clearly but actually embodied the Digitalscape brand.

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