11. Signage

  • Tokyu Department Store (Flagship Store)

When developing signage it is necessary think carefully about the size and placement of each individual sign so that people visiting the facility (whether office, store or factory), can figure out where they need to go and reach their destination as smoothly as possible.

Signage Case Study I: Tokyu Department Store (Flagship Store)
When Bravis created the signage system for the Tokyu Flagship Store in Shibuya, our involvement extended to helping decide where the signs should be placed and at what size. We used clear and easy-to-understand graphics for maximum functionality. The color scheme, meanwhile, projects femininity, cheerfulness and quality. These values are appropriate for a store located in the upscale Shibuya district with an audience of which young women form the largest component.

As a full-service branding agency, Bravis most often develops signage systems as part of a full corporate identity project. By deploying all the other design elements we have developed (the corporate logo mark, corporate color, sub-graphic, designated typefaces) in the signs, we can transform any facility into a place where consumers get to fully experience the brand.

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